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Your Own Personal Risk Managers

In its simplest form, risk management means identifying the potential exposure for loss, and either preventing the loss entirely or developing the most expeditious way to protect yourself from any adverse affects the loss may cause. There are four things you can do with risk:  avoid, mitigate, transfer or assume. And there are three states of risk consciousness:  informed (what you know), ill-informed (what you should know), and uninformed (what you don’t know).  Our team can help determine where you are, which is best for your situation, and help bring to light exposures you may be overlooking.


Risk is everywhere. No one is safe, and it only takes a look at the following statistics to see why...

What are the chances?

1:10,000 Chance of being struck by lightning

1:1,000 Chance of your car being stolen

2:100 Chance of your home or business catching fire

3:100 Chance of a paid malpractice claim

12:100 Chance of becoming disabled

26:100 Chance of your home or business flooding

50:100 Chance of requiring assisted living

100:100 Risk of Death

You can’t change the facts, but you can absolutely be prepared.


As your Risk Managers, we are committed to truly understanding your unique exposures and working closely with you to protect yourself, your family, and your business.  We offer specialized, hands-on knowledge to help with your financial future.


Iscential represents more than 30 different insurance companies and hundreds of products and, as such, can be your sole source of advice and insurance contract placement. We custom tailor protection portfolios and can manage everything from personal and business insurance to life insurance, wealth transfer strategies and retirement planning.



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