Iscential has been monitoring the developments of COVID-19 very closely and a trend that has only continued to grow during this time is compromised data in the cyber world. Moving employees off secure corporate networks and onto home internet providers have put the individuals and businesses they represent at increased risk with data transfer. Submitting sensitive information without the proper protocols can be an invitation for hackers to attempt to steal yours or your business’s private information.

Many of these risks can be transferred by obtaining a cyber insurance policy. Cyber insurance coverage can often be added to your homeowner’s insurance policy or business insurance policy. Coverage can be put in place to recover stolen data or money as a result of a cyber hack. 

Iscential has put together the top 5 cyber vulnerabilities and how to avoid them while being online.

1. Social Media


1.3 billion people have had their social media accounts stolen or compromised in the last five years.

What to do?

  • Only share information, posts, and pictures with your actual friends and family.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Be wary of third-party apps, which can install malware
    and viruses on your system.

2. Cyber Bullying


59% of teens have been bullied online at some point during their lives.



What to do?

  • Monitor your kids’ cell phone activities and interactions.
  • Encourage them to talk to you if they feel they’re being bullied or harassed.
  • Lead by example: disconnect and give your kids your full

3. Phishing Scams


90% of breaches are attributed to phishing email campaigns.


What to do?

Don’t click on a link or email if it:

  • Seems urgent for no reason
  • Uses language or grammar that doesn’t seem right or familiar
  • Asks for sensitive information

4. Smart Devices


90% of breaches of Internet of Things (IoT) attacks in 2018 were to routers and
connected cameras.


What to do?

  • Turn off smart toys when not in use or during private discussions.
  • Change the default passwords.
  • Do your research – look for red flags about security or privacy before buying.

5. Ransomware


An Estimated 4000 ransomware attacks occur daily



What to do?

  • Back up your data.
  • Install antivirus software and update your system regularly.
  • Talk to your security provider before paying the “ransom” – it may not be in your best interest to do so.

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